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JFJ Sourcing, LLC is a global sourcing & manufacturing company.  Our knowledge & experience will help provide the right product,
with the best quality, and at the right price.  We have many years of experience in sourcing & manufacturing in China.

"Made in China" today means reliable, high quality manufactured goods and products that are a great value.  There are hundreds
of thousands of Chinese manufacturers and factories.  The problem is you don't know much about them.   Is most of their production
for domestic consumption, or do they mainly export?  Do some have better reputations than others, and does product quality differ
among them?  Where do you start in your search for reliable, quality, suitable, cost effective products? 

Have you sourced products from China before and had trouble dealing with suppliers or had communication problems?  Have you
had difficulty finding the right Chinese manufacturer for your product?  Are you worried about product quality issues?

We can lower your product costs from China since we deal directly with the manufacturer.  We can source existing products,
or get custom products made to your specifications.  OEM and ODM inquiries welcome.

JFJ Sourcing has extrensive experience in developing new products and bringing them to market successfully.  Over the years,
we have worked hand in hand with our clients on many new products they have designed.  Are you an inventor with a new product
idea?  We can assist you in getting it made.  Contact us for a fast free quote.
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