About us

     JFJ Sourcing, LLC is a trusted global sourcing company with offices in New Jersey, USA and Zhejiang, China.  We have extensive
     experience in manufacturing, product development and design, packaging design, sales and marketing, and in importing and
     shipping from China.

      Although we source many types of products, we specialize in wooden toys and puzzles, wooden home and consumer goods, and
      wooden arts and crafts.  We also stay up-to-date on new and interesting products, and attend many trade shows to keep abreast of
      market trends. 

     Professionalism, experience, and integrity are extremely important to us.  A satisfied client is a return client, and we realize
     how important it is to serve you well.  We strive to build strong relationships with our clients, and as a strategic partner, can help
     your business grow.

     We welcome your business and the opportunity to help you.  Contact us today for a fast free quote.  

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