"New" product development involves some important steps

Patent or Trademark:  Seems simple, but make sure there aren't any trademark or patent violation issues on your new product.
You should perform a patent or trademark search and/or consult a patent attorney. JFJ Sourcing, LLC will not knowingly source a
product that would infringe on another company's design, trademark or patent.

Prints:   Manufacturers usually produce products based on the prints, aka designer's or engineer's drawings.  For most types of
new products, we need prints to provide an accurate quote.  Acceptable prints can be in .dwg (Autocad), .dxf, .pdf, .jpg or .tif file
formats (PDF's preferred w/ cm or mm diemnsions). 

Prototype sample:  Your product should be designed, engineered, and tested to insure that it looks, performs, and functions as it
should.  Prototyping, reviewing, & troubleshooting your product helps to weed out potential issues early on in the development
process.   Our factories can make sample prototypes.  If you want a prototype made, please provide prints or drawings.  If you
also have an existing sample or parts of your product, this is also very helpful.

Packaging artwork:  Prepare the artwork for your packaging, preferably created by a graphic designer.  Don't skimp on this;
packaging often sells the product.

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